st helens oregon

By Boat:

Sand Island, St. Helens, Oregon is located at river mile 60 on the Columbia River at the confluence of the Columbia River and Multnomah Channel.The Sand Island Marine Park docks, where the Halloween Cruise takes place, are located on the inside of Sand Island, between the island and the City of St. Helens, Oregon. The approach from the south of the island has some shallow water areas. Be sure to consult your charts to ensure that you have sufficient clearance under your keel. The water area between the island and the city is a 5mph/no wake zone, strictly enforced by the Columbia County River Patrol. Watch your speed and your wake when motoring in these waters.

By Land:

St. Helens is found just off of Oregon Highway 30, approximately 30 miles from Portland, Oregon, and 22 miles from the bridge in Longview, WA. Arriving from either direction, take Columbia Blvd toward the river. Follow Columbia Blvd down into Old Town. As you approach the river, Columbia Blvd will curve around to the right and turn into South 1st Street. Follow this to the Courthouse, where, at the intersection, you will take a left. Go straight to park at the Courthouse, or turn left again on the first road, South River St., and follow it down to the Gas Dock/Marina.

Pack it in - Pack it out

We are grateful guests of the City of St. Helens and Columbia County while out on the island. Respect this privilege by taking your trash with you. There is no garbage service while we're out there, but there is a dumpster at the Courthouse that we can use. Please take your trash there, don't leave it on the island

Leash and Scoop

Pets are welcome at the Halloween Cruise, boaters seem to know, more than most, that they are often an integral part of our families. But be responsible, please. There are hundreds of people participating in this special boater's weekend, don't let your pets be a burden to others. Leash them (it's the law), and clean up after them (that too is the law).