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Mooring at Sand Island

Parking/Mooring help will be available to arriving boaters by hailing the Halloween Cruise dockmaster on VHF channel 72. We can expect about 100 boats for the Halloween Cruise, all trying to occupy an area designed for far less boats. Therefore, parking will be done on a first come basis and spots cannot be reserved. We do try to accommodate groups where we can, but that necessitates you and your group arriving together.

For the most part, you can expect large vessels to moor to the inside and outside ties of the outer finger, with the overflow rafting off where possible. Smaller boats will be sterned in on the inner finger so as to accommodate the greatest number of vessels.

There is no master plan for parking. It is accomplished by the extraordinary efforts and insight by the seasoned volunteers of the "Downriver Scare Marina" at St. Helen's. Let them know you appreciate their help. These volunteers also wants to participate in the weekend's activities. Therefore, parking assistance may not be available after 2:00 PM Saturday.


Directions to St. Helens

By Boat: Sand Island is located at the confluence of the Multnomah Channel and the Columbia River (Columbia River Mile (RM) 86), across the river from St. Helen's, Oregon. Sand Island is downriver from the Portland/Vancouver area, and upriver from Longview. The approach from upriver begins at Warrior Rock Lighthouse and takes you across the shallows at the mouth of the Multnomah Channel to the approach between St. Helen's and Sand Island. The wind at St. Helen's can be quite strong at times. Combined with a current that can flow backwards with the tides, the boater is cautioned to exercise due care in anticipating the movement of one's vessel. The approach from downriver is straight out of the channel and the boater is advised to exercise caution as above. The channel between Sand Island and the St. Helen's shore is also a 5 mph zone, that at times is severely enforced by the Columbia County Sheriff. Be kind to your fellow boater and to your pocketbook, watch your wake.

Have your fenders and lines ready when approaching the docks. There should be plenty of fellow boaters to help with your tie-up. The inside finger of the upriver dock will generally be stern-in parking. The outside fingers will be beam parking and rafting off. With 100 boats anticipated to arrive, parking everyone does become an issue. There is also dock space available on the downriver docks, as well as at the city moorage by the Courthouse.

By Car: Take Highway 30 to St. Helen's, Oregon. Turn west onto Columbia Blvd. and follow the road to the Courthouse. The city docks are located adjacent to the courthouse and make a fine place to park and meet up with your ride to the island.


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